January 23, 2011

Fruitball: Packers Vs. Bears

This fruit display was created for the Packers vs. Bears NFC Championship Game 2011. There is a variety of fruit used in the display including: chocolate covered "football" strawberries, chocolate covered bananas, kiwi, grapes, and more.

Tip: Place all of the skewers into the base before putting on fruit. This allows you to have a good picture in your head of the overall design.

January 18, 2011

New Moon

This cake was created for a student for their birthday. It is a New Moon cake from the Twilight series with a focus on the character of Jacob. I wanted to add the flower to the cake that was apart of the book's cover, but could not find one that looked like it, so I made it myself.

Tip: Can't find exactly what you are looking for...
make it yourself! 

January 15, 2011

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shortcake

 These cupcakes were created for my birthday treat for the staff and for my classroom this year. They are a play on chocolate covered strawberries and strawberry shortcake.

Tip: When you are all out of piping bags use a plastic zipper bag. Reinforce one of the corners with a couple layers of tape and cut the tip to the size of the piping you would like to do.

Rose Buds

I created these stuffed strawberries to look like rose buds for our Rose Bowl party this year. The strawberries were sliced to make four sections in each berry and then piped with a CoolWhip, cream cheese and lemon infused cream. 

Stop and Smell the Roses

These potted rose cupcakes were created for our Rose Bowl party this year. The frosting was piped to mimic rose petals and then placed into a pot to look like a bouquet of roses. The leaves were made of piped chocolate. I made a total of four pots of cupcake roses for the party.

Haunted House

This cake was created for a student of mine this year. He requested a haunted house birthday cake. Knowing that he is not as big of a fan of chocolate as I am I chose to dye the frosting brown instead of using chocolate frosting. On this cake I was able to showcase my chocolate piping abilities by creating tombstones, bats, a tree, a moon, a house, and even a lantern carrying housekeeper. This is the largest stacked cake I have created so far.

I learned that structure is key to delivering a cake successfully across town.

"Fruit" Cake

This cake was created for the school carnival. It was used during the Cake Walk activity. It is an angel food cake with a CoolWhip and cream cheese frosting with strawberries and blueberries as a garnish.

Home Run

This cake was created for the school carnival. It was used during the Cake Walk activity at the carnival. 

On your mark...Get set...Go!

This cake was created for a friend of mine for her anniversary and celebration of finishing a marathon with her husband. I made two shoes and black and white cupcakes to create the checkerboard around the cake display.

 The fruit display was also created for this event. By request there were many chocolate covered strawberries added into the display.


This cake was created for my nephew Mike for his Confirmation. It is a red velvet layered cake with chocolate piping work on the top and strawberries around the bottom. 

I learned that it is easier to create nice letters by piping them in chocolate onto wax paper than it is to pipe them directly on the cake. If you mess up a letter on the wax paper you can simply make a new one. If you mess up a letter directly on the cake the fix is not always as simple. 

Who would have thought that there is problem solving outside of math class!

SpongeBob SquarePants

This cake was created for a young boy for his birthday. My Aunt had shared my name with a lady she works with and put her in contact with me to create a SpongeBob cake for her boy. 

Through word of mouth a hobby is born.


This was created as a centerpiece display for an important event at our school. The State Superintendent of Schools was scheduled to visit our school after being named one of the healthiest schools in America and my principal asked me to make a fruit display for his visit. Shown in the picture are chocolate covered strawberries, oranges, cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, watermelon, and apples dipped in white chocolate and coated with sliced almonds.

Rock Steady

This cake was created for one of my students last year. He requested a guitar cake that looked like a guitar that he owned. Knowing that he would be celebrating with family and friends I also made additional cupcakes with Rock Steady guitar picks in them as favors. The guitar was the most detailed cake I had created so far. It not only incorporated cake, but it also included various candies to resemble pieces and parts on the guitar. 

Happy Fruitday

This fruit display was created for the staff I work with for my birthday treat. The base was a watermelon, and I also used cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, and strawberries to complete the display. 

Birthday Cookies


These cookies on a stick were created for my students as my birthday treat last year. The cookies that are shown in the boxes on the right were the ones for my students (less frosting). The cookie on the left was an extra from the batch I made. I decided to practice different piping skills on that cookie. I gave that one to my brother to eat because that was WAY too much sugar for me.

Hannah Montana Guitar

This cake was created for the daughter of a friend of mine. It was my first attempt at a cake this large. While many people know of my dislike of the color purple, I put my distaste aside and created this rockin' guitar for her birthday.

I learned to take breaks often because 
a steady hand = better piping. 

Happy Fall

This cake was created for my students as a surprise. I had left over candy corn from another project and wanted to use them up. The cake flavor is spice and I was unsure whether or not my students would like this. To my surprise, the students raved about this cake for days. I still have students ask me about "the spice cake" and if I can make them another one. 

Blast Off

This cake was created for a school carnival. One of the activities at the carnival was the Cake Walk. People would walk around a circle to music and when the music stopped if the number they were standing on was called they would win a cake. I was told by many that this cake was a "hot ticket" item at the carnival. 

Fresh and Fruity

I created this fresh fruit arrangement for a family get-together at my Aunt and Uncle's house. I had seen commercials on TV for these style fruit arrangements and thought I'd try one out myself. I must say this turned out better than I thought it would and my family was truly impressed. 

I used a watermelon for the base and incorporated cantaloupe, pineapple, oranges, grapes, strawberries (plain and chocolate covered), and apples dipped in white chocolate and coated in sliced almonds.

Back to School

This cake was created for my brother for his birthday. He had made the decision to go back to school and I thought this would be an appropriate style cake for him after making that decision. 

I learned...that to get smooth frosting...
I must "dirty ice" the cake!

Flower Power

Last year (2009) I was asked by a student of mine to create a cake for their birthday. I have always loved to bake, but had never attempted creating a three-dimensional cake before. This cake had a chocolate base with a vanilla flower on the top. 

I can honestly say my skills have greatly improved since this first adventure of creating a cake!